. easyEMPLOYER makes workforce management easy.



Our cloud-based system is easy to use AND powerful enough to tackle complex
workforce management requirements.

It provides state of the art automation and powerful real-time information to:

  • Reduce time wastage
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Alleviate staff & management frustration
  • Ensure the right person is at the right place at the right time
  • Provide organisation compliance
  • Increase visibility and make smart decisions
  • Minimise staff turnover



Let’s Talk Features

Staff Management

A control centre for staff management displaying all the tools needed to effectively manage and communicate with staff, and involve them in the parts of the business that directly affect them.

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Automatic roster creation and intelligent shift allocation creates rosters based on business requirements and staff needs. Instantly communicate rosters (or alterations) to your staff via email/SMS.

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Time Collection

A no fuss way to record 100% accurate staff working times. Records actual shift times and all breaks and it can handle multiple departments, stores and sites simultaneously. Access remotely & in real-time.

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Timesheet Management

Gain a real-time overview of your current staffing situation. Easily see who is rostered on for the day and where, who is currently working and who is on a break. View from any web enabled device.

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Award Interpretation

Fully automated employee wage and payroll calculation – saving valuable time, preventing costly human errors and ensuring employment compliance organisation wide.

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Transfer to your desired payroll/accounting software quickly & easily and eliminates the need for human intervention, removing potential errors associated with manual payroll data entry.

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“easyEMPLOYER has provided the confidence of knowing our financial processes
are correct and compliant.

Wage forecasting, award rate application and payroll - always accurate,
no guess work and no worry.

That sort of peace of mind is priceless.”

- PRICELINE, Canberra Centre

Let’s Talk Benefits

Controlling labour costs

Our clever automation technologies can save businesses up to 10% of their labour costs.

Our system controls and minimises costs through intelligent rostering, wage forecasting, accurate time & attendance clocking and budget control through business rules.

Reducing overheads

Save up to 95% of time spent on staff admin through easyEMPLOYER’s powerful streamlining and process automation system.

Cut massive amounts of time off a range of tasks including rostering, timesheet approvals and leave – and avoid the need for human intervention that can cause additional errors.

Making the best decisions

Gain control and oversight of your workforce by having valuable real time information at your fingertips.

Now you can have a fully reflective picture of your staffing, an ability to administer remedial actions on the fly and the peace of mind of being able to see in real-time whether things are on track.

Fully streamlined processes

Increase accuracy, productivity and the success of your business by streamlining and automating all those time consuming, error prone staff admin processes.

Automated rostering, timesheeting, award interpretation and payroll eliminates inefficiencies and inaccuracies as well as alleviating frustration and stress.

Innovative cloud-based system

Its easy to use, is accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection, gives you free upgrades for life, 24/7 support and low cost set-up.

Data is always secure with back-ups and redundancy systems that allow your solution to function even if your internet connection is down.

We work with you

easyEMPLOYER comes backed by a proven team offering assisting businesses through first class support.

We always answer calls, we listen to your feedback and use it to continually evolve our products. We implement additional features as requested, and we don’t outsource support.



“easyEMPLOYER has saved us time, money and helped us gain control of our wages.

Fingerprint scanning and automatic timesheets mean we now have 100% correct working times
being recorded so our wages reflect actual hours worked.  And we still can’t believe how
quickly and
accurately our payroll can now be processed, it’s amazing.

We highly recommend easyEMPLOYER to any business that is still doing their
rosters, time collection or payroll manually.

It really makes everything easy.”


Clients we’ve made it easy for



Pharmacy Case Study

See how streamlining their workforce management has allowed pharmacy business Develin Management Services to acheive monetary savings of 2% of their total annual labour costs, time savings of 80% and the peace of mind knowing that everything is being done, and being done correctly.



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Childcare Case Study

See how the Oorama Education childcare group was able to find a better way to manage their large, multi-site graphically dispersed workforce and acheive monetary savings of 4% of their total annual labour costs, time savings of 75%.




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Health Care Case Study

See how using easyEMPLOYER to manage their on-call rosters and staff communications is saving Westmead Private Hospital & QUESTCARE Aged & Home Care considerable time and frustration.  The reduction of administration overhead has allowed them to focus resources on other areas of the organisation.


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“I was worried about the difficulty of using powerful software like easyEMPLOYER but it’s so
easy to use – it’s a no brainer.

Entering availability online, communicating rosters via email & sms and using electronic
timesheets saves us time, money and eliminates the frustrations of managing staff.

Also, as all our processes are now systemised I have peace of mind knowing that,
if I’m on leave or away, someone else can complete the payroll in minutes.

It’s made our lives so much easier and less stressful.”


Industries We Make It Easy For


Spend more time serving your customers and growing your business – and less time stuck behind your desk doing staff admin.

Through clever workforce management streamlining easyEMPLOYER assists pharmacy managers/owners to improve customer service, reduce employee turnover, maintain effective relationships with staff and manage the Pharmacy Award!

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Aged & Disability Care

Spend more time looking after the needs of your patients and the efficient running of your facility – and less time locked away administering your staff?

easyEMPLOYER assists Aged and Disability Care organisations to meet the high demand of managing so many positions, skill sets, 24/7 shifts and legal requirements where there is no room for anything less than absolute staff organisation.

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Labour Hire

Wouldn’t you like to spend more time servicing your clients and growing your business – and less time doing admin?z

easyEMPLOYER assists labour hire to meet the challenge of scheduling staff to meet client reqs, ensuring accuracy and compliance with shift placements and streamlining payroll and invoicing, while ensuring effective communication between management & staff to reduce staff turnover.

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Childcare & Education

Spend more time providing quality care to your kids and building relationships with parents – and less time stuck in your office doing staff admin.

easyEMPLOYER enables centre directors/owners to juggle one of their most important tasks – allocating staff in a way that ensures the highest quality of service to the children in their care and remain compliant with industry ratios.

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Wouldn’t you like to spend more time serving customers, attracting new clientele and growing your business – and less time messing around with staff admin?

easyEMPLOYER assists retail business owners/managers to rationalise labour costs to stay competitive whilst ensuring just the right number of staff on at any given time.

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Wouldn’t you like to spend more time servicing your customers, getting people in the door and growing your business – and less time wasting time administering your staff?

easyEMPLOYER assists hospitality operators to rationalise labour costs, ensure staffing numbers can scale up quickly to meet demand and ensure good communication with staff.

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“Quick and easy rostering based on what is best for my business and my staff. easyEMPLOYER
does that for me. I can create rosters based on availability, skills and business needs
with the click of a button.

I can communicate rosters via SMS and get confirmation back with the click of a button
- my staff love being able to get that information instantly!

I simply don’t waste time on rostering anymore. I wouldn’t roster any other way.”



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