“Using Easy Employer we now have a highly effective mechanism for managing our large workforce across our multiple sites – it has brought us the level of control and peace of mind that is absolutely invaluable in our industry”

– OORAMA Childcare & Education

Staff Management ...Made easy

A control centre for staff management displaying all the tools needed to effectively manage and communicate with staff, and involve them in the parts
of the business that directly affect them.

Leave Management

Managing leave within Easy Employer to ensure visibility, control and compliance – time to ditch the paper leave request forms and digging around in payroll to get balances!

All types of leave – time in lieu, FLEX, rostered days off etc – can be stored in Easy Employer and be taken into account when you do your rosters or make decisions about staffing for your business. Employees can easily access their leave balances and managers have visibility of everyone’s leave, ensuring there are always a suitable number of available staff at all times. Managers are also alerted to insufficient balances and appropriate adjustments can be made with a click of a button.

Effective Communication

Excellent communication with your staff – it’s vital if you want happy staff and a business that runs smoothly! Easy Employer enables a new level of communication by allowing you to always be a press of a button away from reaching out to your staff – or enabling them to quickly contact you.

You’ll always be able to get in touch via sms/email which eliminates the frustration, time and cost associated with making phone calls. Also, you can broadcast messages to your entire organisation or a small subset of staff dependant on what department they are in, what role they perform, what roster they are on or what group they belong to. It’s communication made easy!

Access Control

Ensure every member of your team has access to the information relevant to them, nothing less, nothing more.

Easy Employer‘s powerful access control system allows you to tailor exactly what you want your employees and managers to have control and visibility over ensuring privacy and security is maintained within your organisation. Flexibility is key with the ability to handle staff across locations e.g. assign different permissions to a staff member who may be a location manager of one site and just a standard employee of another.

Skills & Qualifications

Having the right staff at the right place at the right time – every time! With Easy Employer you can track the skills, qualifications and abilities of all your staff and roster them according to those.

This is great for ensuring you have appropriately skilled staff working in the different areas of your business – and it’s absolutely crucial for if you need to keep your business compliant with industry regulations and requirements. You can also go one step further and put expiry dates on qualifications so you and your staff are reminded when they need to be renewed.

Availability Tracking

Rostering effectively whilst keeping your staff happy – you want to get it right! With Easy Employer automatic referencing of staff availability assists in accurate roster creation.

Employees are able to update their own availability and leave at any time, from work, home or anywhere with an internet connection – this ensures that you always have the latest staff availability schedules whilst building your rosters, whilst helping your staff manage their work / life balance.

Custom Rules

Effectively handling your employees individual circumstances is imperative in today’s working environment. Now the hard work can be done for you by automatically accommodating your employees varying requests, quickly and easily.

Accommodate all sorts of situations like staff availability, leave, minimum/maximum/ideal weekly hours/shifts, time between shifts, days worked in a row, and much more. This even includes handling fortnightly hour and shift requirements if you’re running a fortnightly roster. Once configured Easy Employer will automatically apply these rules everywhere for you (i.e. rosters, shift shifts, communications, payroll, and more).

Voted Best Staff Management Solution by Our Clients

“If it wasn’t for Easy Employer we’d be out of business by now.

We tried other workforce management providers but they couldn’t deal with our needs around the NDIS.

Easy Employer saved us $600k in our first 12 months – including $20k per fortnight in casual overtime overpayments. It allowed us to save considerable time around payroll, automate billing and allowed easy NDIS portal integration

Easy Employer‘s auditing, support, change management and project implementation services were amazing.”

– Kerry Stafford, CEO, Australian Brain Injury (ABI) Services

Video Testimonial – Kerry Stafford, CEO ABI Services