Easy Employer has saved us time, money and helped us gain control of our wages. Fingerprint scanning and automatic timesheets mean we now have 100% correct working times being recorded so our wages reflect actual hours worked”

– Friendly Grocer

Time & Attendance ...Made easy

A no fuss way to record 100% accurate staff working times.
Record actual shift times, breaks and handle multiple departments,
stores and sites simultaneously.

100% accurate time clock

Fair remuneration – now you (and your staff) can have peace of mind knowing that you are paying staff for the times that they have worked.

Forget bundy clock, punch clock and other outdated clock time tools. Easy Employer provides you with a reliable, easy to use, accurate tool to record the times that staff are actually working – because you don’t want to risk overpaying or underpaying your staff.

Effective employee communication

Excellent communication – it’s about easily communicating messages between you and your staff.

Have better employee engagement by being able to communicate with your staff through the Easy Employer clocking solutions. This encourages better staff management through two-way ability to leave important notices for personnel to view as they clock in and out of their shifts each day.

Time Clock Devices

Using tools to make things easier and increase accuracy is fundamental to effective business practice.

Easy Employer provides a range of time clock devices to suit all circumstances and budgets. These include pin code clocks, USB finger scanner clocks, iPhone/Android apps, and the latest technology in stand-alone touch screen biometric terminals. We may also be able to integrate with your existing time collection hardware to eliminate the need for you to invest in new equipment.

Real time workforce tracking

Ensure you have the right people working in the right places at the right time, all the time. Whether you have onsite or mobile workers, it’s crucial to have real time visibility of what’s happening with your workforce.

Now you can easily see whether everything is operating effectively and in keeping with your business roster. This functionality is available on all mobile devices so you can monitor all of your business facilities remotely and ensure your whole organisation is accounted for!

Attendance reporting

Easily understand and report on the attendance patterns of your workforce.

Easy Employer‘s attendance reporting will help you understand attendance patterns such as late arrivals, early finishes, total hours, variance hours, no shows, leave patterns and much more. This information can be broken down through a number of ways including by location, by employee, by employment types, and more.

Mobile workforce management

Achieve accuracy, control and visibility of your mobile workforce with Easy Employer‘s mobile application solutions.

Keep track of your mobile staff by capturing shift and break times through Android or iPhone devices. Allow them to access their shifts on the run, communicate required information to them, and receive notes or additional information whilst they are on site.

Voted Best Time & Attendance Solution by Our Clients

“With Easy Employer we have real time access to clocked times and attendance levels, accessible from any device with an internet connection. So no matter where we are we have full visibility of our workforce.”

– OORAMA Education

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