“There was simply no other choice – easyemployer is a cost effective solution that is powerful enough to deal with our complicated requirements in a way
that is easy and straightforward.”

– Leader


Unlike other providers our workforce management solution is
more than just a product.

Having a good product is one thing…
having a great service to back that up is CRUCIAL!

We listen and consult with our clients, they are part of our team. It’s how we can tackle the really tough issues – by listening and adapting our product to fill the needs of our clients.

This is one of the reasons our clients chose easyemployer above all other solutions. We have the best solution AND a bunch of services that go along with it.

Here are just some of the reasons why we are
being called the best in the business:

Analysis & Configuration

Have a Solutions Specialist analyse your business and design and configure a solution to get the most out of your account.

Includes organisation structure, staff, roster templates, settings, business rules, leave management, approval workflows & tailored reporting. Includes base setup & first site.

Analysis & configuration for an additional site including staff, roster templates, settings & business rules.

Advanced Configuration

Industry award configuration. Setup & configuration of a standard industry award, ready for assignment of employees.

Includes payroll categories, hourly rates, leave types, public holiday rates, overtimes, allowances, loadings & more.

Payroll integration configuration. Configuration for integration with a supported payroll application to automate data transfer for payroll processing.

Roll Out Support

Implementation support when rolling out to an additional site after the initial project stage.

Includes support with:

  • configuring staff
  • roster templates
  • settings
  • business rules
  • changeover management

Award Management

The inherent complication with Australian award conditions makes it very difficult for business owners and managers to understand and correctly apply these within their payroll processes. Incorrect payment of staff wages can cost a business significantly in terms of penalties, fines and back paying missed wages, especially if these are not picked up in a timely manner.

Given the complications and ramifications of getting awards/pay rates incorrect many businesses are choosing to engage HRMWEB to keep their payroll accurate and compliant.

Award management includes:

  • checking current awards/pay rate application for compliance
  • staying up to date with award updates and pay changes
  • applying updates and changes into weekly or fortnightly payroll processing procedures.



“I chose the team at easyemployer to help me with my business because they are professional, trustworthy people
genuinely wanting to assist businesses, like mine, to perform better.

Their knowledge, service and support went above and beyond anything I’ve experienced before.

The results are impressive and I would recommend their services to any business wanting to improve the way they administer their staff.”


Customised Training

Tailored training package, typically including staff management, availability, rosters, time & attendance, timesheets, leave, business rules & best practice staff management methods. Delivered over 2-3 sessions. Includes access to online training courses and access to a sandbox environment to fast track preparation tasks & learning. Investment covers training for up to 2 people.

Payroll training. Payroll management training including pay conditions assignments, payroll processing, exporting & reporting. Includes online training course and support for assigning employees to conditions. Includes learning resources and online training course. Investment covers training for up to 2 people.

Owner training. Training on staff reporting, labour costs & performance management increasing control, visibility and effectiveness of staff management. Includes learning resources and online training course. Investment covers training for up to 2 people.

Advanced Pay Support

Parallel pay run support + tweaks.
We will assist you to complete a parallel pay run with your current pay run process to ensure accuracy against the industry award/s you follow. This will identify any anomalies or incorrect processes.

Pay conditions analysis + report.
We will analyse your tailored award or custom agreement and design a solution to ensure accuracy, efficiency & compliance with payroll processing.

Pay run comparison analysis + report.
We will compare a pay run with your current pay conditions against the industry award or custom agreement, and report the differences for each staff member and totals.

Managed Payroll

Want to replace or update your current payroll solution let us help you make your payroll easy… giving you peace of mind, security and the space to concentrate on growing your business.

Managed payroll – never have to do payroll again!

Prefer not to have anything at all to do with processing payroll? Then we can arrange to get it all managed through our experienced team. Payroll is becoming an increasingly complex function, requiring constant use of company time and resources. Offloading your payroll burden allows your organisation to focus on more value-added tasks.

Find out more about managed payroll.

Custom Enhancements

All organisations need to evolve as they continue to grow.

We don’t expect you to fit into our product – you have the opportunity to work with us and develop custom features in easyemployer that help to keep it the best tool for your business.

easyemployer’s custom enhancement service means you can continue to have a powerful and cost effective product evolved to meet your changing requirements.

Here’s what our clients are saying…


“We couldn’t be happier with easyemployer.” – Kimberly Pharmacy

“I’ve looked at other systems but there isn’t one out there better than easyemployer.” – Accessability

“Using easyemployer has streamlined and substantially improved the
way we manage our workforce.” – Canberra Vet Hospital

“easyemployer met the challenge for us – it’s easy to use but also very powerful.” – Questcare

“It just made sense to go with easyemployer. We’ve found that it was
absolutely the right decision to make” – Aquazone

“I would never go back to managing staff the way I did before easyemployer.” – IGA

“We chose easyemployer because it was powerful enough to do everything we needed for our business but
we also found it to be the easiest to use system that we looked at.”– Optical Company



…we also offer the following stand alone services to help businesses learn how to manage their workforce better.




Is the way you administer your workforce wasting valuable time and money? Let us show you how you can easily cut up to 95% of time currently spent managing your staff…and save up to 10% of your weekly payroll!

Have an easyemployer Solutions Consultant assess your current workforce management practices and deliver your tailored Workforce Management Report.

Here’s what your Workforce Management Report will give you:

  • Visibility of your current workforce administrative processes – we will document these for you.
  • Identification of issues – we will highlight the areas where processes could be improved.
  • Tailored solutions – we will show you the right solutions for your business… easy!

The “Health Check” can be delivered in person or by phone, at a time convenient for you.

Give us 60 minutes of your time and we will provide you with information and solutions that will change the way you run your business – for the better!


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Sign up for a Workforce Management Health Check
this month and get it for half price!
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“easyemployer‘s evaluation of our staff admin processes and solutions to streamline it, have meant
my business runs more effectively and efficiently.

The continued support easyemployer have provided us with is fantastic and shows they are committed to helping clients – not like other providers who just want to sell you a piece of software.”



Have an Industry Relations expert analyse your award / agreement to ensure complete accuracy and compliance with payroll processing.

Your assessment will identify any areas of concern and will provide steps to address those areas and bring your business into full compliance.

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Sign up for your Pay & Conditions Analysis
this month and get it for half price!
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