Easy Employer has helped us deal with all the administrative tasks associated with managing our staff. Timesheet management has been made quicker and easier for us. We no longer waste resources.”

– John XXIII College

Timesheet Management ...Made easy

Eliminate the frustration and time wastage associated with reviewing, approving and finalising staff timesheets.

Rostered, actual and paid shifts can be compared easily, and you can effectively manage leave – all through the one interface.

Scan and approve online accessible timesheets… in minutes.

Business rules

Setting rules & limits – it means you can cost-effectively manage your workforce, ensuring you stay within budget. Stay in control of your workforce by customising business rules to suit your organisation.

Timesheet rules can control start times, end times, paid/unpaid breaks, shift rounding, enforcing roster times – and many more scenarios. Easy Employer will give you control of your workforce and assist you to stay within your staffing budget every week.

Employee managed timesheets

Now you can get your staff involved – it’s important for them to feel ‘ownership’ over their work details.

Allowing staff to submit availability, leave requests and amend their timesheet online will delegate workload to the staff level – making your job easier whilst allowing your staff to get involved. Of course, any requests or changes are forwarded for approval or adjustment – that can be done in seconds by a manager/supervisor.

Warning system

Highlighting the problems – you don’t have time to look at everything, it’s the inaccuracies that need your attention and action.

Employee timesheet amendments are a breeze with Easy Employer’s built in warning system. Any inconsistencies or anomalies are picked up automatically and presented to you with an explanation. Easy Employer also provides a suggested solution for each issue so you can solve employee timesheet problems on the spot with a single click!

Instant approvals

Getting timesheets in on time – one of the most important but traditionally hardest things to achieve… until now.

Easy Employer allows managers across the organisation to approve and finalise timesheets with a few clicks of a button, ensuring the days of timesheets being missing or late are no longer. Once a timesheet is finalised, the payroll team is notified immediately so they can proceed with processing the payroll – keeping the pay process on schedule.

Client / Project Timesheets

Easily track and manage time against clients or projects further reducing overheads with time management.

Easy Employer’s advanced timesheet solution will allow you to manage timesheets across clients, even allowing them to log in to verify or approve time. These timesheets can then be approved for payroll processing as well as used to create invoices or activity records for billing.

Site management and reporting

Managing timesheets and drawing insights across your multiple locations is key.

Easy Employer can greatly assist you with reporting on the breakdown of time across locations, the variance between rosters and actual totals, or the comparison between all sites within your organisation. This information is key to understandings trendings within your organisation and how your multiple locations contribute to these.