“It’s all so easy now…I would never go back to managing staff the way I did before Easy Employer. We save incredible amounts of time and money… our savings are double what it costs to use the system.”


Retail ...Made easy

If you own, or manage, a business within retail then you (or your staff) are likely spending too much of your time creating rosters, answering phone calls about shifts, approving leave, finding last minute fill-ins, ensuring compliant staffing, tracking times, working out pay rates, making sure payroll is right… phew! It’s frustrating, it’s stressful and it’s a waste of valuable time.

Now you can have clever workforce management that:

  1. assists to improve customer service by keeping adequate staff for customer volume.
  2. reduces employee turnover by maintaining effective relationships with staff.
  3. ensures you don’t go over budget with real-time wage forecasting.
    lets you reach any staff within moments electronically, even if they are off-shift.
  4. allows you to quickly fill shifts last minute with the fill-in finder and find someone fast.
  5. maintains effective communication and good relationships between your management and your staff.

Retailers are realising that to stay competitive they have to rationalise operating costs – as a workforce is often the biggest cost to a business it needs to be managed effectively to ensure labour efficiencies AND good customer service …see how we make it easy for Retail!



Easy Employer is proud to be working with some of the best retails outlets in Australia – assisting them to manage their staff so they can spend their valuable time on initiatives that help them provide excellent service to their clients and innovate and grow their business.

  • Ainslie IGA wins Best IGA Deli in ACT/NSW for 2014, 2015, 2016 Read More
  • Ainslie IGA wins Best IGA Deli in Australia for 2014 Read More

Easy Employer’s rostering functionality and it’s flexibility to suit business needs is far superior to the other solutions we looked at. It just made sense to go with Easy Employer and we’ve found that it was absolutely the right decision to make.”

– Ray, Manager, Aquazone

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“We chose Easy Employer because it was powerful enough to do everything we needed for our business but we also found it to be the easiest to use system that we looked at. We also felt comfortable going with the Easy Employer team as they were happy to guide us through the whole process and their after sales support gives us peace of mind for if we need help.”

– The Optical Company

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“Quick and easy rostering based on what is best for my business and my staff. Easy Employer does that for me. I can create rosters based on availability, skills and business needs with the click of a button.

I can communicate rosters via SMS and get confirmation back with the click of a button – my staff love being able to get that information instantly! I simply don’t waste time on rostering anymore.


“It’s all so easy now…I would never go back to managing staff the way I did before Easy Employer.

The team worked with us to streamline the way we administer our staff – we didn’t realise we could be saving so much time and money, and removing frustration.

Now we can re-divert our energies to growing our business further, instead of being bogged down in administration.”

– Manual, Ainslie IGA

Easy Employer has saved us time, helped us gain control of our wages and saved us tons of paper.

Fingerprint scanning and automatic timesheets mean we now have 100% correct working times being recorded so our wages reflect actual hours worked. And we still can’t believe how quickly and accurately our payroll can now be processed, it’s amazing.

We highly recommend Easy Employer to any business that is still doing their rosters, time collection or payroll manually. It really makes everything easy.”

– Friendly Grocer