“Award rate application – always accurate, no guess work and no worry. That sort of peace of mind is priceless.”

– PRICELINE, Canberra Centre

Award Interpretation ...Made easy

Our best-of-breed Award Interpreter can deal with the most complicated of situations – anything you need, we customise it all for you.

Save valuable time, prevent costly human errors and ensure employment compliance organisation wide.
…and with our Award Management Services we can do it all for you.

Award complexity… simplified.

Custom award interpretation

Tailored to your business – you want something that suits the specific nature of how you do business.

Easy Employer can accommodate specific Federal or State awards – it can also be customised to the award conditions you use within your organisation. This means you can quickly and easily configure Easy Employer to handle custom AWA’s, EBA’s or any other specific circumstances you require.

Accurate pay calculations

Accurate pay conditions – in essence, you need to ensure staff are paid on time, accurately and according to their entitlements.

Easy Employer will apply all pay conditions instantly and accurately through automated award interpretation.This assists in eliminating costly human error and helps you easily manage complicated awards and AWA’s, as well as ensure employment compliance with current rules/regulations

Self managed conditions

Giving you control over your business pay conditions – Easy Employer makes it easy enough for you to take ownership if you want to… which means you don’t pay for someone else to maintain it for you.

Using Easy Employer’s award interpreter you can maintain your own business pay conditions – it’s something other products either don’t allow you to do or are so basic you can’t allow for all the conditions you require. It means you choose whether to maintain your own pay conditions – or we can do it for you of course!

Flexible pay conditions

Flexibility is vital – as your business changes, grows, adapts you need to be able to easily change the way that you pay your staff.

The Easy Employer award interpreter can be configured to cater for virtually any award requirement in any industry – it’s payroll calculation made easy. Easy Employer can accommodate standard pay rates, penalty rates, overtimes, loadings and special rates (public holiday, roster day off, etc).

Multiple awards management

Easy Employer allows you to manage multiple sets of pay conditions inside your account, whether these are for individual locations (ie region based) or for the whole organisation.

This allows you to manage different staff on different awards easily. Not only that, but if you have staff working across awards in a single pay run based on what roles or locations they work, Easy Employer can handle that too. No matter the complexity your organisation has, there is a solution with Easy Employer.

Award management services

Sick of having to keep up to date with industry awards, EBA’s or other agreements? Easy Employer’s award management services will ensure accurate and compliant payroll every time. Above award conditions? Custom arrangements? We do it all!

The inherent complication with Australian award conditions makes it very difficult for business owners and managers to understand and correctly apply these within their payroll processes. Incorrect payment of staff wages can cost a business significantly in terms of penalties, fines and back paying missed wages, especially if these are not picked up in a timely manner. Don’t worry, we can manage it all for you.

Voted Best Award Interpretation Solution by Our Clients

“If it wasn’t for Easy Employer we’d be out of business by now. Easy Employer saved us $600k in our first 12 months – including $20k per fortnight in casual overtime overpayments. Their award audits identified and brought this overpayment to our attention. Easy Employer‘s auditing, support, change management and project implementation services were amazing.”

– Kerry Stafford, CEO, Australian Brain Injury (ABI) Services

Video Testimonial – Kerry Stafford, CEO ABI Services

Easy Employer has made it easy to maintain pay conditions especially when requiring award transitional updates. The accuracy not only ensures that our staff are being paid correctly but provides the utmost confidence of our external auditors that our payroll obligations are being met to a high standard.”


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