“Entering availability online, communicating rosters via email & sms and using electronic timesheets saves us time, money and eliminates the frustrations of managing staff. Easy Employer has made our lives so much easier and less stressful.”

– Capital Chemist

Pharmacy ...Made easy

If you own, or manage, a business within pharmacy you (or your staff) are likely spending too much of your time creating rosters, answering phone calls about shifts, approving leave, finding last minute fill-ins, ensuring compliant staffing, tracking times, working out pay rates, making sure payroll is right… phew! It’s frustrating, it’s stressful and it’s a waste of valuable time.


Now you can have clever workforce management that:

  1. automatically generates accurate & compliant rosters in seconds
  2. can easily back fill a shift in minutes – find best possible replacements in minutes using SMS/email
  3. references labour cost and suitability information when matching employees
  4. tracks labour against sales and conform to any labour budgets or KPI’s
  5. empowers store managers to take control of key labour decisions
  6. conforms to all staffing requirements under the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP)
  7. effectively handles workflow intricacies relating to Pharmacy operations
  8. eliminates time creep by capturing the exact start and end working times of staff through biometric verification
  9. prevents overtime situations through effective rostering and business rules
  10. provides 100% accurate pay rate application – accounting for awards (i.e. Pharmacy), EBAs & agreements
  11. automatically calculates allowances – first aid, meal, split shift, & more
  12. automatically imports into payroll – eliminate manual data entry, error & processing overheads
  13. delivers valuable insight into efficiently and effectively managing your most important asset – your staff


Happy, well organised staff make for a more professional looking business and satisfied customers that spread the word about the great time they had at your pharmacy.



Easy Employer is proud to be working with some of the best pharmacies in Australia – assisting them to manage their staff so they can spend their valuable time on initiatives that help them provide excellent service to their clients and innovate and grow their business.

“We couldn’t be happier with Easy Employer.

The team were fabulous with implementing their software solution into our business in a stress free and professional way. Their staff management technology has taken so much pressure off management staff and saves us valuable time and money… the payroll benefits alone are amazing with payroll that used to take almost a whole day now taking under 30mins.

The availability and leave tracking is one of my favorite features as it makes rostering staff really easy now – no more relying on hearsay and memory.

We are so glad we chose the Easy Employer team and their technology solution to help us manage our workforce”

– Hannah Mann, Owner/Pharmacist, Kimberley Pharmacy

Easy Employer has provided the confidence of knowing our financial processes are correct and compliant. Wage forecasting, award rate application and payroll – always accurate, no guess work and no worry. That sort of peace of mind is priceless.”

– Matt, Develin Management Services – Priceline (Canberra Centre)

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“The Easy Employer  workforce management system is working great for us. It fulfills all the requirements that we asked for and that we need.

We are very happy with the system.

The implementation service was extremely comprehensive and included more than we expected and there was a lot of support provided. The Easy Employer team communicated effectively with our team which made everything easy”

– Bradley, Managing Partner, Brooks Garden Chemmart Pharmacy

” I was worried about the difficulty of using software but Easy Employer is so easy to use – it’s a no brainer. But it’s powerful enough to cover our complicated needs.

Entering availability online, communicating rosters via email & sms and using electronic timesheets saves us time, money and eliminates the frustrations of managing staff.

Also, as all our processes are now systemised I have peace of mind knowing that, if I’m on leave or away, someone else can complete the payroll in minutes.  It’s made our lives so much easier and less stressful.”

– Gareth, Capital Chemist, O’Connor.

“I now spend just 3 mins a day managing my staff.

It sounds incredible but it’s true – I log in to Easy Employer (from anywhere with an internet connection) and I manage my roster creation and timesheet approval all in 3 mins!

There’s no doubt that Easy Employer is a powerful tool. More importantly they are dedicated to providing me with a high level of consultation and support. It means the solution remains the best one for us.”

– Brian, Capital Chemist, Charnwood