“Quick and easy rostering based on what is best for my business and my staff. Easy Employer does that for me. I can create rosters based on availability, skills and business needs with the click of a button. I wouldn’t roster any other way.”


Rostering ...Made easy

Automatic roster creation and intelligent shift allocation creates rosters based on what’s best for your business requirements and staff needs.

Instantly communicate rosters to your staff, swap shifts within minutes and find shift replacements in seconds with the suitability ranker.

Collaborative Scheduling

Working together with your staff to create the best rosters – it reduces time and effort for everyone!

Empower your staff to assist you with rosters by allowing them to set their preferred availability, handle their own shift swaps and do things like take on additional shifts. Getting your staff involved in the rostering process is great for your business – it makes your staff happier, it makes your rosters better and it saves you time!

Fill-in Finder

Handling an emergency – save time and headaches by instantly finding and contacting replacements for shifts!

Had someone call in sick for their shift? With a few clicks, the fill-in finder will determine the best available employees, contact them to ensure they are able to work, and allow you to instantly assign them to the roster, keeping all staff informed of the change. This feature will save you considerable time and hassle, whilst ensuring you still have the right people on at all times.

Wage forecasting

Getting accurate, real time staffing costs – a smart way to keep to budget!

As you build your roster Easy Employer will automatically identify ALL of your staffing costs. This includes calculating costs per staff member, per day – as well as the total cost for the week. You’ll never have to worry about going over budget again.

Roster communication

Excellent communication – it’s vital if you want your business to run smoothly!

Once you have completed your rosters one click of a button will instantly communicate shifts to your staff via email or SMS. Staff can quickly check & confirm their shifts, as well as accept additional shifts as they become available. Staff can also stay up-to-date on the go as their shifts can be synchronised with third party applications such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook. Any changes to a roster are sent to employees affected. It’s roster communication at its best!

Business coverage

The perfect number of rostered staff – it’s about maintaining a good balance between being cost effective & ensuring good customer service.

Drill down to a specific day view when creating your roster. This gives you an easy to interpret graphical representation of the shifts for that day. This excellent break down of information assists you in ensuring that you have the correct number of staff working at each site, within each department and in each role, at different times of the day – no more and no less than what you need!

Intelligent roster generation

Automated roster creation based on your business requirements and the needs of your staff – Easy Employer will be your rostering expert!

Business requirements such as how many staff you need, required roles, different areas, various times, is all taken into account. Staff’s requirements such as availability, leave, minimum weekly shifts, maximum weekly hours etc is taken into consideration. Rostering will be easier than ever before and business requirements will be met whilst keeping your staff happy as well!

Voted Best Rostering Solution by Our Clients

Easy Employer provides total management, visibility & control of our rostering and associated labour costs. The time and money we save is now spent on growing our business and ensuring the best quality care for our clients.”

– Questcare

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