“There was simply no other choice – Easy Employer is a cost effective solution that is powerful enough to deal with our complicated requirements in a way that is easy and straightforward.”

– Leader Security

Labour Hire ...Made easy

If you own, or manage, a business within the labour hire industry you (or your staff) are likely spending too much of your time creating rosters, answering phone calls about shifts, approving leave, finding last minute fill-ins, ensuring compliant staffing, tracking times, working out pay rates, making sure payroll is right… it’s a waste of valuable time.


Now you can have clever workforce management that:

  1. Significantly reduce time required around rostering and communicating rosters to staff.
  2. Ensure accurate and compliant rosters so that you have the right people at the right place at the right time to meet client demand.
  3. Quickly and easily find suitable and qualified staff to work client focused shifts (client requirements, availability, skills, qualifications, location, distance, gender, etc).
  4. Reference labour cost and revenue when matching employees – ensuring desired gross profit margins on any given shift.
  5. Save time by easily communicating with staff via email or SMS for rosters, shift swaps, replacements, tasks, and more.
  6. View rosters by employee, by client or by site, making it easy to ensure you have sufficient staff to cover requirements on any given day.
  7. Track staffing levels in real-time to ensure the right amount of staff are on site at any given time for each client.
  8. Easily build accurate timesheets in real-time from various time capture solutions including time clocks, online timesheet entry, mobile apps (iPhone / Android) or from rosters.
  9. Allow clients to sign off and approve hours completed onsite through either online and offline methods.
  10. Significantly reduce time required for bookkeeping related tasks (specifically from award management, timesheet processing and payroll processing).
  11. Streamline your invoicing processes to save time with preparation of client invoices.
  12. Impress your clients by providing them with a web portal to play a role in the management process (review & approve timesheets, request shifts, view rosters, etc)
  13. Generally improve processes around workforce management – probably the least tangible but by far the biggest long-term benefit.


Escape the paperwork, get out from behind your desk and focus on finding, hiring and supplying your clients with a competent, capable and suitably qualified workforce.


“There was simply no other choice – Easy Employer is cost effective and easy to use,

It was the only solution on the market that could deal with our complicated requirements in a way that is easy and straightforward.”

– Leader