The HR tasks to complete in January for a successful 2017

In our day-to day-jobs, we’re pulled towards the fastest approaching deadline or the biggest crisis.

So for savvy business owners and managers, January is the perfect time to take stock and set your HR priorities for the year. When half your staff are at the beach, they’re not standing in your office demanding attention.

This gives you rare peace and quiet to move the needle on those important but less urgent tasks. These tasks are tough to get to but will ultimately make your work easier, more enjoyable, and will help your business grow. Tasks like working on process and culture.

If you want to set yourself up for a stellar 2017, here are the HR tasks you can do now to get ahead in the new year.

Sift through last year’s data

With more and more aspects of businesses moving to digital platforms, we have more data than we know what do with. Take the time to analyse it from an annual perspective. Benchmark against previous years if you can.

Looking through a HR lens, crunch the numbers on staff attrition, new hires and promotions. What picture does this create? Drill down into the year’s peaks and troughs. Did you have enough staff? Or were you wasting money with too many staff rostered on during quiet periods?

When you have a handle on trends, you can accurately forecast for the year ahead, and manage your labour costs.

Look for process improvements

When you’re full steam ahead getting through the day, it’s tough to take a step back to improve processes – even though you know it could be done better.

Take timesheet processing as an example. A quiet month gives you the breathing space to find a system that suits you — whether that’s an automated approval workflow or even biometric scanning. You’ll have the time to research and weigh up your options, then plan implementation when people return.

Update your knowledge of awards and pay conditions

It’s a tricky one, but time and time again businesses end up liable for thousands, even millions of dollars in fines and backpay. All because of incorrectly calculated wages. Save yourself that headache: conduct an audit and book an appointment with your accountant. If you want to dive into the detail, review the latest award wage rates at the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

If you’re already using a system like easyemployer with automatic award updates, you just won yourself back some beach time.

Set strategic priorities for the year

Now’s the time to think big – whether that’s finding technology that will help the business function efficiently, or working on your culture.

Look at ways to improve employee engagement. What positive behaviours can you celebrate? What financial goals do you need to hit to reinvest in your people? Get the foundations in place for a refreshed and energised workforce ready to tackle new challenges.

You might finish the summer a little less tanned, but you’ll get your year off to a roaring start. Don’t forget to squeeze in a little all-important beach time too. It is summer after all.

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