MYOB integration made easy.

How good would it be if your payroll looked after itself? No more hours chained to the desk, transferring data from a spreadsheet. No more running back over the payroll to fix up someone else’s error – or explaining to staff why they didn’t get paid correctly.

Imagine all the other things you could do with those hours. Mentoring staff. Business development. Maybe even going home on time.That’s what you gain by integrating a workforce management solution into MYOB. Time. When data on staff hours and awards flow straight into MYOB, it’s not just cleaner and simpler. It makes life easier.

So if integrating your workforce management system with MYOB payroll has so much going for it, why don’t more organisations take it up?One reason people may hesitate is that they want to see how integration works in practice. So in this post, we’ll walk you through it. This is coming from our experience of integrating easyEMPLOYER with MYOB, but the basic principles will hold true for any reputable integration provider.


How does it work when it’s up and running?

Once you’ve integrated easyEMPLOYER and MYOB, your payroll runs via three simple steps.

1. easyEMPLOYER imports interpreted timesheets directly into the timesheet/payroll section of MYOB
2. Your payroll administration team finalises the pay run
3. You pay staff through your normal process. For example, if you pay staff by EFT, you’d just upload an ABA file to your bank.


How do you get the integration set up?

We do the work so everything’s made easy at your end. We take care of the back-end integration as part of the implementation. We’ll also train you in how to import the data. We may even suggest ways for coding employee categories in MYOB, so it’s easier to make sense of your staffing profile.


What about privacy and security?

The best way to keep your staff’s sensitive information secure is not to collect it in the first place. easyEMPLOYER doesn’t collect information about your staff’s tax, super, or bank accounts. We don’t need that information for the integration. All the data matching happens via employee card IDs and payroll categories.

Just to be sure though, we have rigorous security mechanisms in place, and comply with the National Privacy Principles. So all the information that we do collect is kept safe.


What scale of time savings can I expect?

Every workplace is different, but here’s one example from just one organisation who’s implemented easyEMPLOYER with MYOB. Manuel Xyrakis, owner and manager of Ainslie IGA , found that easyEMPLOYER massively reduced the risk of manual data entry errors creeping into payroll. Manuel has this to say about his experience:

“Using easyEMPLOYER and having it work with MYOB, we continue to save at least 3% of weekly payroll and 80% of time spent administering staff. And the peace of mind is priceless. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make managing their staff easier. ”


How can I try it out?

You can go here to learn more about how easyEMPLOYER & MYOB work together!

From there you can get in touch with us and see the partnership in action! We’ll show you how easyEMPLOYER would work in your business plus we’ll show you how the integration with MYOB works. We’ll also share more examples and case studies of businesses similar to yours who’ve reaped the benefits of streamlining their payroll.