“Using easyemployer we now have a highly effective mechanism for managing our large workforce across our multiple sites – it has brought us the level of control and peace of mind that is absolutely invaluable in our industry”

– OORAMA Childcare & Education

Workforce Healthcheck Audit


Let us show you how you can easily cut up to 95% of time currently spent managing your staff…and save up to 10% of your weekly payroll!

Have an easyemployer Solutions Consultant assess your current workforce management practices and deliver your tailored Workforce Management Report.

  • Do you have between 30 to 2000+ staff working for you?
  • Are some of those part-time/casual workers?
  • Do you feel as though you are wasting time and money managing your staff?
  • Is it frustrating having to do the tasks involved in administering staff?
  • Do you want to cut up to 95% of time currently spent managing your staff?
  • Interested in saving up to 10% of your weekly payroll?
  • Would you like to have an easy way to manage your workforce?

YES! Then we can show you how you could save time, save money and eliminate frustration by having your workforce management
processes streamlined and automated.

You can get your Workforce Management Health Check for a one-off investment of $1495.


Your “Health Check” will provide you with:

  1. Visibility of your current workforce administrative processes – It’s vital business information for you to have.
  2. Identification of issues and areas that could be improved – Areas that are of concern or that require attention will be highlighted.
  3. Tailored solutions – Potential solutions that address areas of concern will be delivered to you with steps for practical application.

…and when you take part in a health check you are eligible for some great solutions and exclusive offers!


“easyemployer’s evaluation of our staff admin processes
and solutions to streamline it, have meant my business
runs more effectively and efficiently.

The continued support easyemployer provides us
with is fantastic and shows they are committed to helping clients
– not like other providers who just want to
sell you a piece of software.”


Let’s Make It Easy For You

The “Health Check” can be delivered in person or by phone, at a time convenient for you.

Give us 60 minutes of your time and we will come back and provide you with information and solutions that will change the way you run your business – for the better!

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