Guest Writer Series, September: The “Experience” Economy is Here

In September’s “Guest Writer Series”, Carolyn Queale, Manager of Spysee – The Customer Experience Experts, talks about competition in the marketplace and what businesses need to do to set themselves apart. Read Carolyn’s commentary on creating a customer “experience” to win fans and get people talking about your business.



The “Experience” Economy is Here!

Competition in the marketplace has become so steep that the need to differentiate is more important than ever before. Businesses now need to create “experiences” rather than services. Not sure what this means? Think about McDonald’s, a fast food outlet providing birthday parties, think about swimming pools that provide disco parties, themed restaurants amusement parks where the workers are character actors… and the list goes on.

There are many examples of creative businesses that are providing new and sensational experiences that keep their customers coming back and sharing the experience with their friends.

Experiences are very different to services, customers need to be looked at as “guests” and the experiences you provide them with need to be meaningful so that they remember it for a long time. The experience also needs to be powerful enough to create a sensation, and to feel this sensation your guest needs to become actively involved. Creating an effective sensation also involves personalising each experience to the needs and response of the guest. Not only do you have to effectively create this experience for your clients – you must keep doing it consistently.

Providing experiences requires a new perspective from businesses. Those that want to stand out need to look at themselves as stagers of events – so you need to think about props and scripts. However, it all needs to be personalised by your staff (the actors), not a monotone one size fits all script each time. It needs to be dynamic and different and constantly changing. A relationship needs to be built between your actors and your guest and like all relationships it needs to be built on trust over time.

To successfully create these types of experiences takes time and dedication from your whole team, you need to engage and motivate them to get their buy in. You need to build a new culture that is focused on the customer experience NOT just customer service – and you need to keep innovating and improving it over time.

Creating a consistent experience that is powerful enough for the guest to want to enjoy it again and again and recount it to all their friends is the key to success in the experience economy. Creating experiences is perhaps more costly but in the experience economy more and more people are willing to pay more for the added experience.

Do you want to differentiate your business and create experiences for your customers so they will become fans of your business? Talk to our team at SpySee – we know how to create a culture of customer experience excellence in your business that will get everyone talking.


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Carolyn Queale
SpySee – The Customer Experience Experts


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