“The changes easyemployer has made have benefited all of our staff. The resources we have saved, and continue to save, can now be utilised on growing our business and ensuring the best quality care for our clients.”

– Questcare

Easyemployer and CDS



easyemployer + CDS = a complete workforce and client management
solution for the community care and NDIS sector.


Using easyemployer and CDS together will create benefits for your business that simply cannot be achieved through “business as usual” practices.

Current service delivery practices present many problems including:

  • Management not able to easily measure staff productivity i.e. measuring/reporting labour inputs (worked) vs outputs (services delivered)
  • Inability to monitor staff performance because of a lack of timely information
  • Not able to easily generate audit trails of individual staff service activities reconciled with “hours rostered” vs “worked hours”
  • Inability to access data to inform the forecasting of staff rostering based upon services required to be delivered

Together we will give you everything you need to optimise the way you manage your staff’s delivery of community care services to your clients.


easyemployer is an easy to use, flexible and powerful workforce management solution.

It provides state of the art automation and powerful real-time information to manage and streamline:

  • Staff Management
  • Rosters
  • Time & attendance
  • Timesheet management
  • Leave management
  • Award interpretation
  • Compliance management
  • Payroll


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There is power and flexibility in the combined easyemployer / CDS solution with a level of streamlining and automation that can greatly assist your organisation, both now and into the future.

Using easyemployer and CDS together will give you everything you need to manage community care relationships and your NDIS clients:

  1. Accurate and compliant payroll
  2. Electronic client management
  3. Make claims a breeze
  4. Effective scheduling
  5. Time & attendance capture
  6. Easy staff management
  7. Keep management informed
  8. Customise for your needs


CDS is a cloud based client management and NDIS platform to assist community care organisations to effectively manage all Client Relationship Management (CRM) requirements. There are solutions to easily and effectively manage the following:

  • Client Management
  • Case Management
  • Community Education
  • Contact Management
  • NDIS Support Plans
  • NDIS Portal Integration – Guaranteed!
  • Customised NDIS Service Types
  • …and more through custom application modules.

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