easyemployer sponsors H(R)ackathon innovation initiative

What the heck is a H(R)ackathon?
Well it’s half “HR”… half “hack”… and full innovation!


Polyglot Group + Coder Factory Academy, specialists in Human Resources and technology, have joined forces to launch a H(R)ackathon series.

Technology can be perceived as a solo sport which revolves around one person and his/her computer. As part of the Knack for Hack series, Polyglot Group and Coder Factory Academy have come together to change that perception.

The result? A H(R)ackathon. Unlike other hackathons, H(R)ackathon is not just about creating a cool app/website; it’s about bringing people together and creating long lasting technology to benefit human interaction at work.

Its purpose? Solve broad Human Resources (HR) concerns (Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Mindfulness, Team Work, Payroll, etc), engage brands in the importance of Tech in HR, promote entrepreneurial ideas, (re)discover our passion for innovation, build a network of likeminded people & bring technology to the forefront of HR.

easyemployer is all about technology solutions to solve workforce management issues so it was a natural fit that we would support the H(R)ackathon initiative. We can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

Find out more or register for the H(R)ackathon here: Knack for Hack.