easyemployer MYOB Integration


MYOB has selected easyemployer to assist it to innovate the care space.

easyemployer has been chosen to provide the “staff management” component of an integrated
eco-system of tech solutions to help care providers thrive in the new NDIS environment.

Read about the MYOB “Ecosystem” of Tech Solutions.


easyemployer has teamed up with MYOB to make everything from rostering, time collection, wage interpretation, payroll and billing easier.

Working together they can help you save time, save money and
get control of your staff management tasks.

It’s about making your life easier and helping your business to perform better!


*NOTE* We have had a lot of enquiries regarding easyemployer’s
compatibility with MYOB Account Edge and MYOB Account
Edge Pro.
YES! we do integrate with both of those MYOB solutions…
and many more! 
Contact us for more information!

What is easyemployer?

easyemployer is an easy-to-use, cost effective, web-based software solution that automates everything from rostering to payroll. It enables you to save time and money, and take the frustration and error out of workforce administration.

It utilises the latest in web technology and has been built in-house by a team that specialises in streamlining and automating business processes to make better use of business resources.

With easyemployer you can have an easy to use, reliable, online, software solution for everything from rostering to payroll:

  1. Quick and easy roster creation based on staff availability and business needs.
  2. 100% accurate time clocking with easy timesheet approval and authorisation.
  3. Instant award/pay rate calculation, with seamless input into desired payroll application.
  4. Instant award/pay rate calculation, with seamless input into desired payroll application.
  5. Automatically import to payroll/billing to eliminate manual data entry, error & processing overheads.
  6. Powerful reporting for increased business visibility and control.

Why use easyemployer?

Regardless of industry, size or location, every business relies on its staff and easyemployer makes managing your people easy. easyemployer is assisting businesses to streamline and automate staff administrative tasks – cutting up to 90% of time spent and saving up to 10% of weekly payroll costs.

easyemployer provides:

  1. Centralised employee information: Staff availability, leave entitlements, contact details etc all in one spot means you’ll always have up to date staff details.
  2. Easy rostering: Intelligent roster creation based on staff availability and business needs with email/sms shift notification means the right staff on at the right times. ‘On the fly’ wage forecasting means no budget blow outs and labour cost efficiency.
  3. 100% accurate time tracking: Secure biometric clocking means full visibility of your workforce and accurate work times. Anomaly alerting makes timesheet finalisation a breeze.
  4. Instant award rate interpretation: Automatic wage calculation and industry award application means complete payroll accuracy.
  5. Payroll / Billing integration: Instant data transfer to your preferred payroll / billing solution means no human error and everything is completed in minutes.
  6. Powerful reporting: Business metric reporting enables increased visibility and control… and the information to make better business decisions.

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“easyemployer is an integral part of our business and we would never go back to managing staff without it.

Using easyemployer and having it work with MYOB we continue to save at least 3% of weekly payroll and
80% of time spent administering staff. And the peace of mind is priceless.

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make managing their staff easier.”

– Manuel, Owner, IGA

How does easyemployer work with MYOB?

easyemployer can send timesheet and payrate information straight to your choice of payroll application – this means no more manual data entry, no more human error and no more frustrating hours and hours spent labouring over your payroll.If you are using MYOB then easyemployer will work with it to get your payroll done in minutes!

easyemployer achieves this by importing data from its “Timesheet” and “Award Interpretation” modules into the timesheet section of MYOB – linking it all up through employee card ids and payroll categories.

It’s that easy!

How much does easyemployer cost?

easyemployer has a range of solution options available depending on your business needs and budget. Contact us for assistance to help you find the most cost effective package for your business circumstances.All easyemployer solution options come with included training and 24/7 unlimited support.

Furthermore, there are cost effective add-on packages available if extra training, support or evaluation services are required.

How do I get easyemployer?

The easyemployer fulfilment process is dependent on the solution you choose and your business circumstances.


Contact us for assistance to help you find the best solution to suit your business needs.Once you have decided on the solution right for you, you will be assigned a dedicated Service Delivery Manager. Your SDM will contact you to discuss your needs, timelines and other things regarding implementation. Your SDM will guide you through the entire implementation process which includes deployment, training and support.


As the easyemployer solution is a cloud offering implementation is quick. Depending on the solution option you choose and your business circumstances we can have your solution fully implemented in as little as a week!



“We chose easyemployer because it was powerful enough to do everything we needed for our business
but we also found it to be the easiest to use system that we looked at.

We also felt comfortable going with the easyemployer team as they were happy to guide us
through the whole process and their after sales support is there if we need help.

We also definitely wanted something that was going to integrate with our
current payroll application, MYOB EXO.

easyemployer achieved that aim of having our business solutions talk to one another as we now
have instant data transfer to MYOB which means no human error and
payroll completed in a fraction of the time it used to take.”

  • – Mabell, The Optical Company