easyEMPLOYER delivers the right “cure” for Chemists!

HRMWEB has been working closely with a number of pharmacies to streamline and automate their staff management processes using their cutting edge easyEMPLOYER software solution.

easyEMPLOYER allows a streamlined & automated workforce management solution which enables fast and efficient allocation of pharmacy staff, accurate time clocking, automatic timesheet generation, quick timesheet approval, instant pay rate calculations and automatic transfer of data to payroll… easy!

Read on to see how easyEMPLOYER is making an impact on the pharmacy sector!


easyEMPLOYER is making a huge impact in ensuring staff are managed effectively, customers have adequate “customer service” levels and business owners have the peace of mind knowing things are being done, and done right!

Don’t take our word for it, listen to one of our client’s testimonials:

“HRMWEB’s evaluation of our staff admin processes and solutions to streamline it, have meant my business runs more effectively and efficiently. The continued support HRMWEB have provided us with is fantastic and shows they are committed to helping clients – not like other providers who just want to sell you a piece of software.”

“I now spend just 3 mins a day managing my staff. It sounds incredible but it’s true – I log in to easyEMPLOYER (from anywhere with an internet connection) and I manage my roster creation and timesheet approval all in 3 mins!”

“There’s no doubt that HRMWEB’s easyEMPLOYER product is a powerful tool. More importantly they are dedicated to providing me with a high level of consultation and support. It means the solution remains the best one for Capital Chemist.”



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…but its not just chemists/pharmacies that can take advantage of streamlining for success!

We can assist any business that employs staff to more effectively and efficiently manage their workforce management processes.

Talk to us about how we can help you benefit by saving time, saving money and gaining control of your workforce. Visit us OR call us on 1300 855 642 to ask about getting your *free* “Workforce Assessment” consult (valued @ $1495).