easyEMPLOYER Client Wins 2015 Innovation Pharmacy Award

Congratulations to Moodie’s Pharmacy in Bathurst, NSW, for winning the 2015 award for Innovation in Professional Services.

Also known as the oldest pharmacy in Bathurst, the business was bought in 2003 by its current owner: pharmacist Paul Jones.

Disillusioned by what the banner groups were offering, Mr Jones decided Moodie’s Pharmacy would instead become part of an independent buying group called Pharmacy Catalyst. As a result, the business decided to focus its energy on professional services.

Becoming an expert destination for professional services did not happen immediately. Over time, Mr Jones identified certain needs within the local community and sought to provide relevant service solutions.

easyEMPLOYER is proud to be working with some of the best pharmacies in Australia – assisting them to manage their staff so they can spend their valuable time on initiatives that help them provide excellent service to their clients and innovate and grow their business.

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