“My team can now devote their time to other areas knowing that
the on-call rosters are essentially running themselves.

We are now looking at implementing easyemployer in other
departments within the hospital.”

– Tim Daniel, CEO, Westmead Private Hospital
(Ramsay Health Care)

Westmead Private Hospital
Case Study


Using easyemployer to manage their on-call rosters and staff communications is saving Westmead Private Hospital considerable time and frustration.

They have been able to drop several clunky online and offline systems for a consolidated solution using easyemployer – which is both functional and enjoyable to use for all the parties involved in staff management within the organisation.

The reduction of administration overhead has allowed Westmead Private Hospital to focus resources on other areas of the organisation.

Additionally, it has given Ramsay Health Care a solution that can be rolled out across the whole group and maintained both from a central location, and from each individual operating site.

The Stats:

  1. Westmead Private Hospital is part of the Ramsay Health Care group – the largest private operator in Australia. Currently 200+ on-call anaesthetists.
  2. Currently 200+ on-call anaesthetists. Several administration staff for central management.
  3. Several administration staff for central management.
  4. Looking for an organisation wide solution for managing on call rosters.