“easyemployer has streamlined the way we manage our workforce and it has saved us time, money and effort which can now be focused towards providing an excellent accommodation experience for our students.”

– Alicia Jeffrey, John XXIII College

John XXII College
Case Study


Streamlining their workforce management with easyemployer has allowed John XXIII College to change the way they manage their staff.

Moving from staff management that involved mostly manual handling of tasks to an automated system with little need for manual intervention has enabled them to achieve considerable time savings including shaving 80% off their payroll processing time. easy

easyemployer has also enabled more sophisticated communications across the organisation, increased visibility of their workforce and associated labour costs, and enabled greater coordination across their departments.


The Stats:

  1. Providing world class student accommodation for Australian National University (ANU) students.
  2. Currently 40+ staff all located at site.
  3. Head Office administered by 9 staff.
  4. Other staffing areas include: catering, tavern & maintenance.