“easyemployer’s rostering functionality and it’s flexibility to suit business needs is far superior to the other solutions we looked at. It just made sense to go with easy.

It just made sense to go with easyemployer and we’ve found that it was absolutely the right decision to make.”

– Ray, Manager, Aquazone

Case Study


easyemployer has totally changed the way we manage our staff, in all the ways we wanted it to and in some ways that were unexpected. It has delivered some amazing time savings:

  • 50% time cut from rostering
  • 75% time cut from timesheet management
  • 100% time cut in payroll management
  • Significant time savings by eliminating paper based communications between managers and staff.

The Stats:

  1. major indoor community aquatic and leisure facility in South West Victoria
  2. 100+ staff
  3. Required advanced rostering functions
  4. Required flexibility and power to deal with complicated requirements