“The changes Easy Employer has made have benefited all of our staff.. The resources we have saved, and continue to save, can now be utilised on growing our business and ensuring the best quality care for our clients.”

– Questcare

Automate the Mundane


The 60 minute workforce management webinar that
solves all of your staffing issues.


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Managing staff is one of the most frustrating tasks you’ll undertake as a care provider.


Whether you are the manager or administrator or owner of an aged care, disability care or childcare organisation
it’s difficult, it’s time consuming and sometimes you just want to tear your hair out
…not to mention the large financial overheads.

This has also just been made even harder with the introduction of the NDIS
and it’s tracking and reporting requirements!


Managing staff doesn’t have to be complicated anymore…
we can help you automate the mundane.


If you’d like to see how the tasks associated with staff management can be
automated then sign up for our free webinar.

We will show you a rostering / time & attendance solution that can:
– cut up to 90% of time currently spent managing your staff
– save up to 10% of your weekly payroll!

Do you have between 30 to 2000+ staff working for you?

Are some of those part-time/casual workers?

Do you feel as though you are wasting time and money managing your staff?

Is it frustrating having to do the tasks involved in administering staff?

Not sure how you will effectively manage changes as per the NDIS?

Do you want to cut up to 90% of time currently spent managing your staff?

Interested in saving up to 10% of your weekly payroll?

Would you like to have an easy way to manage your workforce?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then come along to the “Automate the Mudane” 60 minute webinar.


We will show you how you could save time,
save money and eliminate frustration by having your
workforce management processes streamlined
and automated.

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“Our workforce is geographically dispersed and constantly moving
so it’s difficult to roster, manage and retain visibility of our staff.

Within our industry it’s vital to ensure we get the right person,
with the right skills in the right homes, every time.

We needed an easy to use, automated system to handle
our complex requirements
. Easy Employer met the challenge for us.

It’s easy to use but also very powerful.”

– Questcare


Here’s what you’ll get out of the free 60 minute webinar:

  • Find out what a workforce management system is, why it’s important for your business to have such a system to streamline and automate the administrative processes of running your staffing.
  • Learn how to track availability electronically, roster effectively, cost rosters, handle client locations and geo track employees.
  • Find out how to minimise labour costs, stick to staffing budgets, handle shift swaps, capture time worked 100% effectively, minimise time creep, manage award rates, automate payroll, fulfil NDIS reporting requirements and much more.
  • Learn how to look for the right workforce management system for your requirements – including the new NDIS requirements.

See all of the above in practice with a demonstration of the Easy Employer staff management software solution.

Let us make it easy
for you.

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Solve all of your workforce management issues.

“Thriving in an NDIS Environment”
60min *Free* Webinar

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Solve all of your workforce management issues.