“At least 80% of time cut and at least 6% of annual labour costs saved. easyemployer paid for itself within 5 months of being in our business. Plus the peace of mind we gained is worth more than money can buy..”

– Priceline Canberra


Workforce management is a complex domain


Every business is different and as such has unique requirements.

We provide tailored solutions to ensure that your unique requirements are met and
you can concentrate on running and growing your business.

We do the hard yards to make it easier for you.

Whether you have 50, 500 or 5000 staff, we have a solution for you.

easyemployer packages range from
$6 / employee / month to $20 / employee / month
depending on the package selected.

(minimum investment of $300 / month)


Please note: implementation costs apply across all packages
– please contact us for specific pricing. 


True Cloud With Anytime Anywhere Access
Unlimited Support & 24/7 Online Help Desk
SMS Bulk Discounts
Disaster Recovery Management
Product Updates
Secure Data Hosting & Backups


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we can do for you.




Our clients chose easyemployer above all other solutions.

Why? Simply because we have the best solution AND service.

Here are just some of the reasons why we are being called the best in the business:

Tailored Solutions Packages

We understand one size does not fit all. We will tailor a solution that matches the exact requirements of your organisation. Whether it’s rosters only or a full workforce management solution, simple or complex requirements, we have the solution for you.

Flexible Organisation Structure

easyemployer can cater to any organisation structure. Multiple payroll entities, sites, area’s, roles, cost centres, complex reporting, access control, permissions and more. easyemployer will handle it all, allowing you to correctly control visibility, permissions, approvals and workflows for efficiency and productivity.

Powerful Rosters

easyemployer’s built in suitability algorithm will ensure you have the right person in the right place at the right time. Take away the guess work and easily reference information to ensure efficiency, accuracy and compliance with our powerful roster solutions.

Roster Workflow Automation

Instant and compliant shift placements, employee driven shift swaps, effective fill-in finder system, efficient communication via email / SMS in seconds. Handling ad hoc compliant roster changes and consistent communication with staff has never been easier.

Dynamic Time Collection Options

Biometric scanners, web based pin codes, automation from rosters, manual timesheet entry, mobile phone clocking or kiosk clocking, we have the range of time collection options to suit any situation.

Payroll Automation

Our detailed award interpreter and payroll automation mechanisms will automate your whole payroll process, and is built upon over 10 years experience handling complexities of many varying industries.

Payroll Solution Options

Have your own payroll application? Great – we can integrate with it. Want an easy to use fully integrated cloud based solution? No problems – we have that too. We even offer a fully managed payroll service. We understand the need for flexibility with payroll solutions and so we offer multiple options. From there the choice is yours.

Custom Enhancements

All organisations need to evolve as they continue to grow. easyemployer’s custom enhancement service means you can continue to have a powerful and cost effective product evolved to meet your changing requirements.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service. From initial implementation and training to after project support, our comprehensive personalised service is second to none. We care about building ongoing quality and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Here’s what our clients are saying…


“We couldn’t be happier with easyemployer.” – Kimberly Pharmacy

“I’ve looked at other systems but there isn’t one out there better than easyemployer.” – Accessability

“Using easyemployer has streamlined and substantially improved the
way we manage our workforce.” – Canberra Vet Hospital

“easyemployer met the challenge for us – it’s easy to use but also very powerful.” – Questcare

“It just made sense to go with easyemployer. We’ve found that it was
absolutely the right decision to make” – Aquazone

“I would never go back to managing staff the way I did before easyemployer.” – IGA

“We chose easyemployer because it was powerful enough to do everything we needed for our business but
we also found it to be the easiest to use system that we looked at.”– Optical Company


We do not stop until we have achieved the highest level of streamlining
and automation possible for your organisation.

We do the hard yards so that your job is made easier.

Spend more time on what you want rather than what you have to
– that is our pledge.

You won’t know what you’re missing until you see what we can do.

Contact us to learn more – or view our Terms & Conditions