“It’s all so easy now…I would never go back to managing staff the way I did before easyemployer. We save incredible amounts of time and money… our savings are double what it costs to use the system.”


Payroll Guru



Let us help you make your payroll easy… giving you peace of mind, security and the space to concentrate on growing your business.
and the space to concentrate on growing your business.

When it comes to paying your staff, Payroll Guru makes your life easy. Payroll Guru ensures that your staff are paid correctly, on time and that their pay is fully compliant with all current Australian tax, superannuation and workplace legislation. Payroll Guru is an easy to use cloud based payroll solution that adheres to all legislative requirements as per the Australian Tax Office, and allows you to run compliant pay runs with ease and accuracy.


We know payroll is a pain.

Payroll is frustrating, time consuming and stressful… but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore…

Payroll Guru makes payroll faster and better… easy!


  • Gross and Net pay calculations including superannuation liability.
  • Calculation of leave accruals and leave loading where applicable.
  • End of year PAYG Summaries for all staff.
  • Electronic files for submission to the ATO.
  • Cost reporting or integration for your accounting system general ledger.
  • Up-to-date tax and superannuation rates.
  • Your employees can access their leave balances, payslips, PAYG summaries etc through the Employee Portal.
  • A full range of useful reports at your fingertips.


  • Unlike other payroll software Payroll Guru allows true cost centre reporting including allowing accounting journalling (PAYG, Superannuation, Tax) against cost centre codes into accounting software (e.g. Reckon, MYOB, XERO).
  • What will you do when you payroll staff leave? Payroll Guru will provide you with certainty and continuity.
  • Saves you time that you can spend on other tasks … or simply relaxing!
  • Cost effective … save money on payroll staff, printing costs, payroll software and training.
  • Telephone support for you and your staff from our dedicated payroll team.
  • Peace of mind – know that your payroll is fully compliant and know you’ve got it right every time.

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easyemployer is an integral part of our business and we would never go
back to managing staff without it.

Using easyemployer and having it work with MYOB we continue to save at least 3% of weekly payroll and 80% of time spent administering staff. And the peace of mind is priceless.

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make managing their staff easier.  

– Manuel from IGA



Have you heard about easyemployer? It’s a staff management solution that automates all the tasks associated with managing your staff and it’s saving our clients a lot of time and money. Payroll Guru seamlessly integrates with easyEMPLOYER to process pay run, entitlement and staff information over secure internet communication. It provides a truly streamlined end to end staff management solution that will save a lot of time and hassle as well as increase accuracy and compliance.

Some of the benefits of using Payroll Guru with easyemployer are:

  • Seamless integration of employees, hourly rates, penalty rates, overtimes, loadings, leave, etc
  • Provide you with the ABA file to pay your staff by EFT via your online banking account.
  • Automatically email pay slips to employees each week.
  • Give you a ‘general ledger’ file to import into your accounting application (ie MYOB) for payroll totals each week.
  • Handle payments to multiple bank accounts for employees easily.
  • Handle salary sacrificing superannuation for employees easily.
  • Track and lodge tax to the ATO easily through an EMPDUPE file.
  • Track and manage payments for superannuation easily.
  • Unlimited access to our expert payroll product support team via email, phone and remote
  • PLUS much more!


Find out more about the easyemployer staff management solution that is saving clients up to 90% of time and up to 10% of annual labour costs.

Want to find out how Payroll Guru could be helping to make your payroll easy? Contact us now.

(Want to go one step further and never have to worry about payroll ever again – then check out our managed payroll service)