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“Using easyemployer we now have a highly effective mechanism for managing our large workforce across our multiple sites – it has brought us the level of control and peace of mind that is absolutely invaluable in our industry.”


Childcare & Education ...Made easy

If you own, or manage, a business within childcare then you (or your staff) are likely spending too much of your time creating rosters, answering phone calls about shifts, approving leave, finding last minute fill-ins, ensuring compliant staffing, tracking times, working out pay rates, making sure payroll is right… phew! It’s frustrating, it’s stressful and it’s a waste of valuable time.

Now you can have clever workforce management that:

  1. ensures safety & response times by rostering correct numbers of appropriately skilled staff all times.
  2. reduces employee turnover by maintaining effective relationships with staff
  3. ensures you don’t go over budget with real-time wage forecasting lets you reach any staff within moments electronically, even if they are off-shift.
  4. allows you to quickly fill shifts last minute with the fill-in finder and find someone fast
  5. maintains effective communication and good relationships between your management and your staff

Now you can easily juggle one of your most important tasks – allocating staff in a way that ensures the highest quality of service to the children in your care and remains compliant with industry-dictated staff-to-child ratios.


“easyemployer has provided our Centre Directors with greater control and understanding through streamlined processes, increased visibility and the ability to track and forecast staffing activities.

It has provided them with the information they need to make well informed decisions regarding the centre’s workforce, staffing budgets and operations.”

– Oorama Education

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“easyemployer provides us with wage forecasting, budget controls, leave tracking and business rules that all work to control our labour costs and this has resulted in significant money savings across our organisation.

That’s crucial in our industry where we have to balance tight budgets against providing world class accommodation for our students. The system also keeps staff up to date with who is on leave within the organisation and the printed timesheets for quick reference have received positive feedback with their clear, easy understanding format/layout.

We are really happy with the service and the benefits provided by their easyemployer solution. We recommend that businesses wanting to save time and money as well as make staff admin easier and keep their staff happy get in touch with easyemployer.”

– Alicia, Business Manager / Bursar, John XXIII College

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