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“The changes easyemployer has made have benefited all of our staff.. The resources we have saved, and continue to save, can now be utilised on growing our business and ensuring the best quality care for our clients.”

– Questcare

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Disability care, home support, aged care, healthcare, clinics,
multiple funding schemes, NDIS, CHSP.

Whatever you are trying to juggle, we can help.


Do you own, or manage, a business within aged, disability or community care? Then you (or your staff) are likely spending too much time managing complex rosters, factoring in client requirements, answering calls about shifts, approving leave, finding last minute fill-ins, ensuring compliant staffing, tracking times, working out pay rates, making sure payroll is right, creating accurate client invoices, uploading to the NDIA portal, etc.

It’s frustrating, it’s stressful and it’s a waste of valuable time. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Now you can have clever workforce management so you can focus on delivering the highest quality of care around the clock whilst meeting NDIA legislation.


  1. automatically account for rostering considerations – availability, leave, skills, qualifications, location, client requirements.
  2. quickly build accurate & compliant schedules in minutes – scheduling services to clients and linking to client care plans.
  3. build highly efficient rosters & plans routes – using locational data i.e. client locations & travel distances.
  4. easily back fill a shift in minutes – find best possible replacements in minutes using SMS/email.
  5. reference labour cost and revenue when matching employeesensuring desired gross profit margins for any given client or service.
  6. communicate requirements & tasks to staff – including multiple shifts, clients & locations.
  7. precisely track locations of care workers – for timesheet, OH&S, security & auditing purposes.
  8. automatically calculate allowances – travel, first aid, meal, split shift, sleepover, night active & more.
  9. provide 100% accurate pay rate application – accounting for awards (i.e. SCHADS), EBAs & custom agreements.
  10. automatically import to payroll – eliminate manual data entry, error & processing overheads.
  11. automatically create invoices – from client, service, appointment and funding scheme data – no duplicate data entry required.
  12. utilise flexible and powerful reporting to assist with NDIS requirements – ensure efficiency and financial sustainability for any given location, client or service.
  13. integration with your Client Management System (CMS) to provide a smooth client experience, from linking client care plans right through to NDIA online portal integration.

easyemployer assists you to meet the high demand of managing so many positions, skill sets, 24/7 shifts and compliance requirements.


Now you can easily juggle one of your most important tasks – allocating staff in a way that ensures the highest quality of service to the patients in your care whilst remaining compliant with industry-dictated requirements.


Managing staff is one of the most frustrating tasks you’ll undertake as a care provider, not to mention the associated costs.

This has all been made more difficult with the introduction of the NDIS and its reporting requirements. Utilising, costing, and tracking your workforce effectively is now crucial to business viability.

easyemployer’s workforce management software solution assists care providers to gain visibility and control through streamlining and automating rostering, time & attendance, award interpretation, payroll and billing automation… and much more, including powerful reporting and integration with CMS and other systems vital to managing a business in the care space.

Empower your managers to minimise shift costs and delivery overheads, accurately meet your client requirements and ensure efficiency and financial sustainability for your community care organisation.

Talk to us about how we can ensure time is spent ensuring quality care for your clients, growing your business and sustaining your profitability – not wasted doing staff admin.


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easyemployer is proud to be working with some of the best pharmacies in Australia – assisting them to manage their staff so they can spend their valuable time on initiatives that help them provide excellent service to their clients and innovate and grow their business.

  • Ronald McDonald House wins 2016 Telstra Business Award “Charity” Category

Voted the best solution for the Care Industry...

“If it wasn’t for easyemployer we’d be out of business by now.

We tried other workforce management providers but they couldn’t deal with our needs around the NDIS.

easyemployer saved us $600k in our first 12 months – including $20k per fortnight in casual overtime overpayments. It allowed us to save considerable time around payroll, automate billing and allowed easy NDIS portal integration

easyemployer’s auditing, support, change management and project implementation services were amazing.”

– Kerry Stafford, CEO, Australian Brain Injury (ABI) Services

Video Testimonial – Kerry Stafford, CEO ABI Services

“We are using easyemployer to roster our 120+ volunteers and keep resources required to manage our volunteers to a minimum. The burden of rostering our volunteer workforce has been lifted and now we can spend more time on activities that help to serve families in their time of need.”

– Michelle, Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Canberra (RMHC)

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“easyemployer is a great solution for care organisations. It has been amazing for our managers, HR people and co-ordinators.

Award interpretation for us was a nightmare but easyemployer has made this process very simple.

The system is so powerful but also very easy to use. I’ve looked at other systems but there isn’t one out there better than easyemployer.”

– Graeme Mason, CEO, Accessability

“Implementing easyemployer has saved us a lot of time and energy, and alleviated the stress associated with managing staff within our business.

easyemployer helps us schedule and track our staff Australia-wide and internationally across the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

Being a rapidly growing business spanning multiple countries we’ve had some unique and challenging requirements. The easyemployer team have been fantastic taking these into consideration throughout the implementation. Plus they have been there with ongoing support for us. They were instrumental in helping us manage the change that came with bringing a sophisticated workforce management product into the business.

We are very happy with our decision to partner with easyemployer to help manage our workforce and facilitate our future business growth.”

– Mary, General Manager Client Services, Everlight.

“Our workforce is geographically dispersed and constantly moving so it’s difficult to roster, manage and retain visibility of our staff. Within our industry it’s vital to ensure we get the right person, with the right skills in the right homes, every time.We needed an easy to use, automated system to handle our complex requirements. easyemployer met the challenge for us – it’s easy to use but also very powerful.”

– Questcare

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“My team can now devote their time to other areas knowing that the on-call rosters are essentially running themselves. We are now looking at implementing easyemployer in other departments within the hospital.”

– Tim Daniel, CEO, Westmead Private Hospital (RAMSAY HEALTH CARE)

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