CloudPayroll & easyemployer

Two systems integrated ....working together for you.


easyemployer is a state of the art industry leading automation working with hundreds of businesses in numerous industries, across Australia and internationally, to help simplify the complexities associated with workforce management. CloudPayroll is a proven, cloud-based payroll solution. CloudPayroll is feature-rich and easy-to-use making it simple for you to run each pay run.

Integrating CloudPayroll (CP) and easyemployer can benefit your business by ensuring employees are paid correctly against their award and reduce payroll administration. Changes to Industry awards and base rates are automatically updated when required.


Seamless integration with easyemployer

When using easyemployer to Roster employees, they can clock in and clock out of their shifts. If employees apply for leave and leave approvals are processed through easyemployer, it will then be included in the approved timesheets to CloudPayroll.

The Payroll Report in easyemployer breaks the timesheet hours down into the correct payroll categories and applies any interpretation periods and allowances, ready to be exported to CloudPayroll.

Once the interpreted timesheet hours are imported into CloudPayroll, the pay run can be processed using your standard procedures.


The CloudPayroll to easyemployer interface

easyemployer sends approved timesheets with award interpretation to CloudPayroll to calculate and process the pay. As part of the process, it will check:

– Employees exist
– Base rate of pay match
– Payroll categories exist
– Cost centres match (if applicable)
– Cost centres can be included in easyemployer which will go through to CloudPayroll and then your accounting system.


Connect CloudPayroll with easyemployer

The connection between CloudPayroll and easyemployer will be taken care of by the experienced CloudPayroll or easyemployer teams.

If you are already a client of both CloudPayroll and easyemployer:
– contact the easyemployer support team ([email protected]) and they will assist with integrating the two systems.

If you are currently a CloudPayroll client but you are not using easyemployer:
– contact your Cloud Payroll representative or the CP support team and they will assist in getting an easyemployer solution for you.

If you are an easyemployer customer but not currently set up with CloudPayroll:
– contact┬áthe easyemployer sales team ([email protected]) for more information and a free demo of the ee/CP integration.


…to find out how easyemployer and CloudPayroll can make it easy
– end to end.