“Our workforce is geographically dispersed and constantly moving so it’s difficult to roster, manage and retain visibility of our staff.

Within our industry it’s vital to ensure we get the right person,
with the right skills in the right homes, every time.

We needed an easy to use, automated system to handle our complex requirements.

easyemployer met the challenge for us – it’s easy to use
but also very powerful.”

– Questcare

Case Study


Using easyemployer to manage their workforce is saving Questcare valuable time and money whilst eliminating frustration and error prone processes.

Questcare have been able to drop several clunky systems for one consolidated rostering solution, provided by easyemployer, which is both functional and enjoyable to use for all the parties involved in administering staff.

The reduction of rostering admin overhead has allowed Questcare to focus resources on other areas of the organisation.

Questcare continues to roll out the rest of the easyemployer solution to assist with time collection, timesheet management, pay rate application and input to payroll.

The Stats:

  1. Canberra-based company providing quality carers to the ACT and surrounding region.
  2. provides disability support, aged care, home care and domestic assistance 24hrs, 7 days a week.
  3. provides training and employment for those wishing to work in the healthcare industry.