“easyemployer has provided the confidence of knowing our financial processes are correct and compliant.

Wage forecasting, award rate application and payroll – always accurate, no guess work and no worry.

That sort of peace of mind is priceless.”

– Matt, Develin Management Services – Priceline (Canberra Centre)

Case Study


Using easyemployer to manage their workforce is saving Develin Management Services valuable time and money whilst eliminating frustration and error prone processes.

Develins have been able to drop several clunky systems for one consolidated solution, easyemployer, which is both functional and enjoyable to use for all the parties involved in administering staff.

The reduction of admin overhead has allowed Develins to focus resources on other areas of the organisation. Additionally, it is a flexible solution that can be rolled out across the whole group and maintained both centrally and from each individual site.

This is crucial to supporting the business as it continues to grow.

The Stats:

  1. Growing pharmacy group – all current sites located in Australia.
  2. Currently 120+ staff across 7 sites and head office.
  3. Growing to 200+ staff across 10 sites over next 12 months.
  4. 3 head office staff for central management, including rostering and payroll.